One thought on “ZAPZ LIMITED

  1. If you told me my wedges would play a major part of a top finish in a tourney I would have laughed last year But today my jaws 54 came up big time and time again A scramble on a par 3 short sighted and the pitch from the deep rough landed at 7 ft Another scramble on a par 3 out of wet deep rough A pitch to 10 ft from 85 yards setting up a birdie opportunity Another birdie opportunity after a 75 yard pitch to 11 ft I was really impressed how it picked some balls up out of some weird lies in the fairway Not to mention the spin in combination with the chrome soft and chrome tour is just awesome Definitely as expected you get a bit more spin with the tour but either one are fantastic with the jaws I’m really hoping this sudden surge in wedge play is a sign of things to come

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